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St. Barts underconstruction

Peoole at the time of construction

Date unknown - (if it's when constructed it would be in 1851)

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St. Bart's Church with grave stones.

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St. Bartholomew's was built in 1851 by Stevens in Early English or Gothic style on land given by George Stephenson & Company. Originally it had no spire, rather a stone slab roof, and was lit by candles and heated by a large stove just inside the south door. In 1857 the 70th high Broach spire was completed with stone from Bole Hill, Wingerworth to Stevens design. Gas lighting was added in 1859 as was a vestry to the north side of the chancel by G. E. Street. An organ was installed in 1864 and a pulpit in 1867. The peal of six bells was mounted in the tower in 1874 and in 1879 a William Morris stained glass window was a fitted in memory of William Howe, the engineer who perfected the link motion for locomotives. This window was restored and protectively glazed in 2003.

In 1885 the eagle lectern (now on display in the side chapel) was given by the Houldsworth family who were coal miners. The stone roof was replaced with green Westmorland slate in 1896 and the following year the east window was fitted. 1931 saw electric lighting installed and in 1953 the organ was moved from the side chapel to the balcony. General repairs had to be carried out in 1986 and some carpets were fitted at this time. In 1933/4 the roof was completely renewed. 1995 saw a new organ installed in the north east corner of the church. The first place of a reordering programme was completed in 1998 that provided W. C. facilities and meeting rooms in the west end of the Church furniture were removed in 2003 to make way for a second phase of modernisation which involved work in the sanctuary, nave and kitchen.

Other work to the building includes the complete refurbishment of the bells in 2001 and the Church's flood lighting installed in 2003. The car park was resurfaced in 2004. The most recent phase of the Church's recording and renewal has included the installation of new sound, heating and lighting systems together with the creation of a hall, office and storage areas above the narthex.

Taken from the leaflet given out on a service of celebration, thanksgiving and rededication of the newly recorded on Sunday 30 October 2005.

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Lee Vaughan family

 Evelyn and Louis' wedding at St Bartholomew's Church in 1935.

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Joseph Oldham Joseph Oldham 1851 - 1888
Joseph Oldham is remembered through his likeness being used as the face of St. Matthew in the Church's East-end window.

H Sharpe Oldham H Sharpe Oldham 1881 - 1907

John Blake John Blake 1907 - 1922

Howard Dobson Howard Dobson 1922 - 1929

Samuel Elder Samuel Elder 1929 - 1935

Henry Snape Henry Snape 1936 - 1938

Frank Mitchell Frank Mitchell 1938 - 1955

Wynford Phillips Wynford Phillips 1955 - 1967

Interregnum 1967 -1969

William Whiffen William Whiffen 1969 -1974

Gerge Dunning George Dunning 1975 - 1983

Peter Letford Peter Leftford 1984 - 1994

Nicholas Atkins Nicholas Atkins 1994 - 1998

Matthew Barnes Matthew Barnes 1999 - 2008

Petra Owen-Moore Petra Owen Moore 2008 - 2009

Jonathan Brook Jonathan Brook 2010 - 2013

Richard Law Richard Law 2014 - 2020


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